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Develop PHP oriented applications

PHP is an open source scripting language used for general purposes. The most important purpose of PHP is in the web development sector. Dynamic web pages can be easily developed using this language. PHP is integrated with the command line interface capabilities and can be utilized in graphical standalone applications.

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Replete Technologies recognizes PHP as the gist for open source technologies. We carry our in-depth knowledge and expertise in PHP application development for fulfilling the ever increasing demand of the language in the marketplace. Combined with a decade of experience in the web design and development industry, Replete Technologies along with its pool of efficient and techno savvy PHP application development team, delivers solutions which are not just bug free, but add value to your business. The cost effective and robust solutions we use for creating dynamic websites using PHP are sure to satisfy your needs.

.NET Application at Replete Technologies

.NET development for a web application is scaled comfortably by dedicated experts at Replete Technologies . We gather your requirement and help you develop something which can make your life easy ! Which can automate your task and which can bring you profits !

Java Application

When you seek security , you seek java . When you seek flexibility , you seek java . Those who seek java opt our Java Development Team to bring their requirements into a handy web application ! We have a team of Java Experts who can code your needs in a better way !

Performance Testing

Heads up! We bring highly qualified network of replete technologies who are passionate about developing next generation of engineers. Our professionals are from top US universities like Stanford UC Berkeley and with significant industry experience with companies like IBM, Google, Cisco and VMware. They bring to the table invaluable real time experience in bite-sized video nuggets. Their services make our focused, role based training hard-to-get in industry.

Learn at CodeXpert

CodeXpert designed to teach people in a workshop format how to plan and conduct a performance test. The objectives of CodeXpert is to define the processes, tools, issues and challenges for performance testing in a variety of web environments. Working through a series of self paced video tutorials, you will learn to develop a workable strategy for performance testing of an enterprise system.This course does not focus on problem analysis, tuning, debugging, or tools. CodeXpert - A Venture of Replete Technologies