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The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Technology. Small daily improvements eventually result in huge advantages

Associated Freelancers

We have not more but 3 freelancers in almost every city of India. Almost of 200 + are engaged with us and they grow each new day !


8 Managers , 30 Developers , 70 talented students , and few god fathers make us a team !


Mr. Ankur Kumar is the founder of company Replete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who initially founded small firm with a name T AND P in year 2007

Our Brands

Our major brands include TNP HOST , MAD GB and SPEED GB. We are passionate about DATA solutions.

Our Prime Motto

Better services to Clients is the key to Success . We listen to complaints or feedbacks from clients and solve them as quickly as possible


We owe 7 offices at different cities of India , 200 + computer systems, a Technology lab and associated Data Centre's in 12 countries

  • Hello, I want to thank you for providing great dedicated and hassle free server and for the excellent and quick support and help that you have been providing to me as I begin to work with it.

    - Dimitar
  • Just want to say AWESOME. Provide great training and allows me to become more knowledgeable as a designer.

    - Anurag Basu
  • Just came here to say a big thank you to the developer of my Android application. It works amazingly well, 2000 people installed my app through Google Apps, and they are loving it !

    - Anuj Srivastava

We are not best ! Know why !

Most companies claim that they are best but we don't ! We have a set of skills and we believe in improving more every day ! . We are still happy that 100 % of clients are satisfied with what we provide and we never let them go away with complaints . Few of them have posted awesome reviews on internet . If you are willing to join us , all we want to let you know that you are in a good company !

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