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The world needs character animators. The 2D and 3D Character Animation diploma programs at CodeXpert ( A venture of Replete Technologies ) respect our intensive one-year time frame by placing all focus on animation and character performance. Lectures and reviews are shared as a group, while in the 2D elective stream, assignments are completed using pencil & paper and ToonBoom Harmony (on digital tablets) as the chosen medium, and in the 3D stream, using Maya. Students use top-of-the-line equipment in a professional studio environment.

A strong foundation in animated character performance, story and visual language , extra study sessions in life drawing for portfolio development (2D elective) , supporting studies in Maya software as a 3D tool (3D elective) , one-on-one mentoring by professional animators who have worked with Disney, Industrial Light & Magic, Dreamworks, and other top studios.

Students who demonstrate exemplary communication and teamwork, management, planning and organisation skills, initiative and film sense are awarded the Met Film School Professional Practice Certificate, and access to our Industry Placement Scheme.The Visual Effects for Animation programme encourages a team-driven production and learning environment, intended to foster and reinforce the highly interdependent production processes used within the film and visual effects industries.

The five year program trains the students to become digital directors. After completing the foundation program, students move into the specialisation course, where they are trained in a studio-like environment, closely monitored by specialised trainers from the animation industry. Student’s competencies in the artistic, technical, organisational and methodological domains are tested while carrying out team projects.