We are a team of Experts Heros Superman

Replete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is privately help registered company in India under company's Act . The company is headed by Mr. Ankur Kumar and Mr. Ankit Srivastava . We are looking for more passionate people about technology . Are you looking to join us ? Send us an application , show your work and worth and get involved without any delay !

Who We Are

There are two kind of people in this world though all are common man. We too are common just like you ! All that creates difference is we gather ideas , find its objective and design a technology which has its worth for mankind . We want ourself to design or develop something so that you sometimes utter " OMG ! That's Great ". We are updated group of indivisuals . We beleive in change . We grow ourself with new technology and sometimes develop a new technology . We are experianced group of people . We have seen many failures which has ultimately made us more stringer ! We sometime takes free initiatives so that people learn . We engage students with what all we know . We inspire them to learn new ideas !

We have developed brands , they include TNP HOST , SPEED GB and MAD GB. We are motivated towards data solutions . We run awesome institutions with India who teach how to code . We have helped 2000 + students to get employment. We conduct training program , workshops , and intern ship program and we share our experience with you so that we grow and you too grow !

Our History